Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bill Plympton's Global Jam...

And my part...

  ...is coming along swimmingly.  I'm surprised with how fast I'm getting it done.

     Working on putting together a new demo reel containing my new works.  Below's my reel from late 09/early 10.

And I'm gearing to start work on a music video for a New York band called "Dreams from Gin" and their song "Senseless". Gonna give it a listen to hear how it is.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

These past two weeks...

1) Continuing Animation Projects: The baseball cartoon, currently called "Inspire Me" or "My Golden Idol" is coming along sweetly, and the progress is viewable HERE.

Our hero is about to feel the true weight of the situation.
     The hero's name is Antonio Mutsarell.  He's the MVP of the league and plays for the Camden Hachi Machis.  He proudly wears his uniform everywhere he goes, and plays for justice.  I'm feeling even more pumped up for this particular project now that this wicked music composer is lending his talents to it.  I asked him to make something sad and melancholic for this hospital scene, so this'll be a real tear-jerker!

     The shaving cream prank cartoon's coming along, too.  (Give it a minute to load.)  Put that on hold for a tad bit while I focus on "Inspire Me" for a little more time.
Rest up, cat.  We'll continue this animation later.
2) Bill Plympton's Guard Dog Global Jam: I'm participating in the aforementioned event by my hero Bill Plympton.  70 scenes by 70 different animators from around the world, and I'm one of em!  Granted, my part will be four seconds long, but I'm going to make those seconds count and be one quick, terrifying blow to your senses!  It'll also be interesting to see how another animator's part will link up to before/after my part.

3) Art Trade: I did an art trade with another artist from Deviantart.  He did this piece of my character Anya...
The slippers were a nice little detail.
     And I in turn did an illustration of his character, named Nin.
I like where she got her name "NIN".
     I made the background and her expression feel like the album cover for "With Teeth" by Nine Inch Nails.  This is my best illustration so far, and the quickest, too. 

4) Pain-In-The-Ass Tutor Sessions: I've been tutoring kids with no desire to learn!  I really have no hope for the future of humanity if these kids are it.  I was hired to teach this one punk kid ALL about the ins and outs of two books in two days.  He didn't want to read them, and he ditched out on the last day when I told him to return so we could finish up.  He's 12, reads like a 7 year old, and hangs out with illiterate morons twice his age in Newark.  Really sad stuff if you ask me.  I'd hate to tutor more kids if they're like him.
He looked more or less like this, but with more hair over his eyes.

5) Collaborations and Other Stuff: I'm also collaborating on an upcoming game with a few fellows on newgrounds.  It's set on halloween and it's about demons and bird-themed assassins!  Can't say too much since it's in the secret starting phase, but's looking to be a hoot!

     Also, I got me a lucky cat!  Here's to even MORE artistic endeavors in the future.