Friday, October 29, 2010

Lugz Commercial and Such.

   Lugz Commercial!

  I've been hired to do a commercial for Lugz and their shoes.  I start animating Monday.  For now, it's centered on our plucky main character and some sexual innuendo.  It takes place at a crowded community pool.  Below's some concepts on it and backgrounds/completed scenes.

Gals, storyboards, and the main character on the left.
More boards, backgrounds, and reactions.
Some birds, and the establishing shot's background.
     Tomorrow's my meeting with the folks at Lugz, for the last time before production starts.  We solidify the story around the piece: The main character, a plucky teen named Dick sits on a lounge chair and sees some ladies across from him.  He reaches down at "something", and struggles and tugs at it while grunting and everybody looks on in shock and awe.  At the climax, we see that "something" was a sunscreen bottle.  Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

     Simple premise, but they'll let me go wild with the reactions and make them be really exaggerated.

Baseball Cartoon Progress

     I decided to name this piece "The Golden Idol", and below's the screenshots and here's the progress again.

Music Video Progress... right here.

     More to come!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Screenshots from Music Video for "Senseless"

Work's coming along at a pretty steady pace.  I got the final cut of Dreams from Gin's single "Senseless", and I'm getting into the really good details surrounding the first verse.  Here's the shots in color (which'll probably change later, depending on how it flows):
These colors came from me thinking of raspberry ice cream.

One mouth for every syllable sung.

4 heads, 1 face!
      I'm taking my time to make this project my best one yet.  I love contradictions, so this video's gonna be filled with wacky/disturbing freaks and mutations, all in cute vibrant colors!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Project: Music Video for "Senseless" by Dreams From Gin!

     Uh oh, gonna put all my current projects (save one) on hold while I get to work on my new project: a music video!  It's for an indie band from NY called Dreams from Gin and the song's called "Senseless".  I'm loving this song, a quirky romp about a betrayal of the senses that's going to have a frantic and maniacal video to go with it.

     I don't want to reveal too much right now, except that the video will center on an alien puppet man named Moat fighting his demons while running through a warped, dreamy landscape.

Concept sketches of the main character and his demons.

Was going to make this into a painting.  Also, thinking about mules made me mess up the band name on the flag.

     And here's a small sample of the animation as I get this shit started!  Back to production.