Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Catching up with times.

     I finally decided to get with the times and did away with drawing with a mouse for good.  From now on, I'm doing all my work with my new Cintiq.  I feel really stupid for putting it off for so long.  Productivity has increased tenfold, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

     I've been commissioned by Deviantart user greatdragonad to do a bunch of loops and such for a bunch of his characters.  It's coming along very quick, and with the power of the Cintiq, animation is a snap!  Here's the first completed loop.

      For this loop, I did a simple stance, like in fighting games.  Nice exercise in timing and physics.  Good start for the series of loops I'll be doing for this client.
     I was also commissioned to do a Spongebob illustration for another client's girlfriend, who's a big fan.

      In the coming weeks, I'm getting my bundle of demo reel cds ready to make my rounds in NY again to apply for work with the studios there.  One's gotta be the right one!

     Next time, I'm talking about Koth of the Conans again, this time going in depth with another of Koth's allies.

"Hey fellas!"
     More to come!