Thursday, December 1, 2011

Koth of the Conans (pt.3): Breath and Some Villains



     Last time, I talked about Koth and his sidekick Hank, as well as one of his many adversaries.  The planet Girth is a savage land of constant turmoil, swarming with bloodthirsty maniacs that Koth has to defeat in his quest for greatness!
     To help him traverse the landscape quicker, Koth travels by flight.  He accomplishes this with the help of Hank shooting him through the air...
     And now, on with Koth's next ally: Breath.  

     The tall yellow one from the promo type vid, he's the more educated member of the group.  He's not as strong of a fighter as the rest, and at times scared of fights, but he's a great at strategizing and analyzing many situations.  Because of his royal background as the (former) king of an empire, he's knowledgable in many cultures, something that helps him and Koth as they travel Girth.

     He use to be the emperor of a spiraling empire for the sun people.  He was marveled by his followers for his booming voice, imposing leadership, and height.  Mostly his height.  His people capture Koth and try to sacrifice him to prove Breath's power as The Sun Emperor, but is exposed to be a fraud as Koth pummels him and escapes.  After being spared by Koth, Breath follows him to redeem himself as a warrior.  

     My original idea for Breath was simply to make a character with a disproportioned body.  Small upper body, long mid section, and long legs.  Someone funny to look at and very tall and imposing, all at once.  He'll tower over you, but you 'll laugh once you reach his face.  Since he's an emperor of high stature in the Kingdom of the Sun, his color scheme and clothes are modeled after an Egyptian/pharoah feel.  My friend Kieran named him a random one syllable name.  The hieroglyphics on his atire (in the first image) actually means something.  It means "death to foreigners".

     Last time, I showed designs for the evil shaman, now named Muguzorrat, the necromancer that uses children for his black magic.  He's not alone, as all good villains have their henchmen to help perpetrate evil.

     This one is named Hibi Chibi:

     A created monstrosity of Muguzorrat, this homunculus is the main supplier of the evil shaman's desire for children.  That's because Hibi Chibi is equipped with a purifying gem that lets him shoot people with his amazing "youth-a-nize" ray.  Anyone hit with it is instantly turned into a kid.  No one has been able to stop this monster, as he revels in attacking vulnerable infants and kids alike.  Can Koth stop this demented child killer?

     His design was meant to be as repulsive and perverted as can be.  He's to look like something out of a kid's nightmares, an awkward boogie man of sorts.  

     And then there's Straw Man:
     Like Hank, Starw Man is also a shape shifter.

     Unlike Hank, who's a polymorph, Straw Man specializes in morphing into other people.  He uses confusion and backstabbing attacks to get his prey.  There's no limit to who he can mimic.  His sole purpose is to find and kill Koth and Hank.  His one weakness, however, is his namesake.  The longer he assumes a different form, the more he becomes mentally unstable.  He'll eventually delve into unflattering mockeries of his forms that give him away.  This is why his attacks are quick and unpredictable.  

     That's all for now.  More to come.