Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Koth of the Conans (pt.2): Frederator Features Koth & More Art


     Frederator (makers of Fairly Oddparents, Danny Phantom, Adventure Time, etc.) did a video highlighting a bunch of neat cartoons on the topic of barbarians and manliness ala Conan the Barbarian.  These badass cartoons of pure testosterone exploded absolute rage, and Koth of the Conans was featured!

     It's incredible to actually see Koth get recognition and have views from freakin' Frederator!  It was also cool to hear someone else say Koth of the Conans. :)  Although to be honest, I havent seen the old He-Man cartoon much.  I've only seen that cartoon once and I remember cracking up at the theme song repeating "He-Man!" 50+ times in a 15 minute episode, though I did like the animation style.  I do remember seeing a couple of episodes of that reboot Cartoon Network had of He-Man back in 2002.  I'm more influenced by The Herculoids, and (in my opinion) the much manlier Thundar the Barbarian!  Tons of thanks to Channel Frederator for the mentions!

     And as for the giant floating head...

     That is the wise and powerful God of Knowledge Korn.  He's the god everyone on Gerth pray to for guidance and advise.  He hears all prayers and answers all inquiries when he can find the time to get up and reply.  When in a perplexing pickle, Koth enlists the aid of the Mystical Shaman to summon Korn for an instant audience.

     I originally wanted Korn to be made in 3D, but because of time constraints with the project at the time, I had to improvise fast.  So I painted my friend Josh's face and goggles, glued mosaic tiles on him, and put him through AfterEffects to create the awe-inspiring god you see here!  And since he didn't move his lips, I recorded mine and put them in as Korn's mouth.

Inching closer down the path to glorious battle, here's more Koth artwork...

   ...and more of his faithful aboriginal sidekick, Hank!

     And I'm working on the animations for this new villain plaguing Gerth:

     He's an evil Shaman/Necromancer with plans to use the dead to conquer the lands.  What he lacks in physical abilities, he more than makes up for with his immensely potent magical powers.  He specializes in the black arts and forbidden mysticism.  Adding to his fiendishness is his penchant to use dead children (preferably babies) for his dark rituals and summonings.  Society is beyond horrified by his taboo practices, and that's saying a lot about a planet full of perpetually fighting savages!  Koth hears legends of this twisted practitioner of magic, and has nothing but utter loathing for him.  This evil shaman in turn knows of Koth, and knows that his evil plans can never truly be completed as long as Koth lives.

     I wanted to make a magical villain with a revolting design that just oozed hate.  Someone that posed Koth with a huge challenge, as he's weak against magic and it always presents unpredictable scenarios for him.  Demetrius made the colors for him, and I liked it: the pale, powdery skin, the cowardly yellow garb, it all blended so well!

     Can Koth find a way to defeat black magic - a force that can't technically be punched!?

More to come!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Tattoo: Me A Zombie!

     I was commissioned me to make THIS badass tattoo of a zombie!

     He a zumbi an' he eat out ya brain!  Once the tattoo is actually made (and healed), I'll have that picture up.  I only did the line because another (dumb) tattoo dude told me shading fades over time.  Apparently everybody that ever got a tattoo begs to differ, but either way I kept this one simple and did just the lines.  Later I'll go back and do the colors, both in this drawing and in the tattoo.  It's also cheaper to tattoo lines for now.

     Had a blast with this as I love over-the-top violent artwork, like Cannibal Corpse album covers.  This was one previous tattoo I did that I'm not fond of:

     I did this for an emo girl that wanted this on her shoulder.  That's pretty ridiculous since she was thinner than a rail and there's no way in hell this would fit.  If you scaled it, the details would be lost.  Man oh man were there a lot, from the questionable (rats choking on the roots) to the cliched and obvious (moon, dead tree, skull, roses and a sword).  All of this was what she wanted, but it felt cluttered.  Near the end she wanted to randomly add a snake eating money and a heart at the base.

     I'm convinced she still didn't get it tattooed.

     More to come...