Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'm in Your Face

     Three years ago, I and 70+ other animators from around the world remade Bill Plympton's short "Guard Dog".  It was an incredible experiment to see all these radically different art styles carry a single cartoon in one continuous, imaginative stream.  Everything from stop motion and claymation, to flash and crayon and 3D, all intertwined in one crazy cartoon.  It was an experience that was so fun, it had to be done again.

     So it was!  Behold, the Your Face Global Jam! 
This time around, it's gonna be even more interesting as it involves 100+ animators remaking Bill Plympton's Oscar nominated short "Your Face".  And it has no cuts or scene changes, either.  100 different styles of animation remaking a single take of a gentleman's morphing face.

     I can't wait to see how everyone's different approaches to this cartoon will play out in relation to one another.  We're all arranged in order by our medium and art style.  I'm going with old fashioned 2D frame-by-frame flash animation, after vowing to never touch crayons again.  Here's a screenshot of my progress:

     The completed madness will be shown in festivals in the future, so follow all the other progress on Twitter for more!