Friday, February 15, 2013

Fat Ninja Stump & Such


Fat Ninja Stump!  Another animated bump done for "You Might Like This Show", and I gotta say... really happy with the way this came out.  Still working on more content to add to the show, so more to come with that.  With 10 seconds of length, these bumps can be done fast and with nice detail.  Someday, I wish I could do bumps for AdultSwim, too.

Every dog has its day.  Not this day.

Megaman Kick!  Also for the above show, it's Megaman Legend's namesake, booting one of the game's many unfortunate dogs and angering animal lovers on this side of the Pacific.

And Wow!

A gentleman by the name of Kushane got a version of my tattoo inked on him!

 I never heard back from the original recipient of this tattoo, so I'm very satisfied to see somebody enjoy it enough to have it permanently etched onto his skin for the rest of his life!  Man, all that black musta hurt like crap.

Oh yeah, more to come!