Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Project: MeOh!My's "Money Maker" Music Video

     Right now, I'm working on a music video for incredible rapper MeOh!My and his ass kicking single "Money Maker".  I'm uber excited about this project, the video is a warped take on gold digger madness and has the look of a long, distorted hallucination!  All backgrounds weave in and out of interaction with the star of the video as he gets sucked in with the misleading allure of money and hedonism.

     The song itself is awesome, with a nice flow and great tempo that I don't normally hear in rap songs.  So cool is this song that I want to make the video as far out as possible, unique among all the other rap videos out there.  It's gonna be expressive as hell without the ass-shaking-in-your-face cliche plaguing too much media associated with rap now.  This shit is going to be a mind-blowing surreal trip around a lucid dream world!

     Still a lot more to be done before the video is completely done.  I'm not cutting any corners on this great piece of art.  I'm just getting started with the weird on this.  In the meantime, check out the artist's website for more of his wicked material.

     I'll continue with the music video production until it's nice and perfect.  And I can now also be followed on TWITTER now!  Follow me there, yo.

     More to come...