Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Rundown of What's Gone Down

     Been all over when it comes to projects and such, so very very quick, this is what I got:

     Lovebirds!  Made some progress in animating a scene with two lovers locked in the drool-drenched euphoria of love.  After I finish up this scene, Imma add the purple-ish veins on the underside of the tongues and cover it all in spit.

     Another Tattoo!  Yep, was commissioned to make this lil' diddy that'll be tattooed on the satisfied recipient's thigh.  Makes sense to put it there, what with all the space.  Though I think the back would've been better.  Doing this makes me really want to do a death metal album cover, like the stuff you see from Cannibal Corpse.  If you want a tattoo or illustration done, don't delay!  Commission me today!  Oh, also be careful.  The pic is NSFW!

     Kicks!  Hear the deafening "DAYUM!!!" emanate from your feet with every step you take in kicks customized by me!  Open for commissions on this, too.

     Cammy!  Next, I'll do my best character in SSFIV: T.Hawk!

     This... Thing!  My good pal Kieran (Billy Chops) made an unusually nutty show that you might like.  Appropriately so, it's called "You Might Like This Show".  I contributed this simple bump and some other animated goodness to their first episode, and am working on more future bumps and such.  Be sure to watch the 3 episodes out so far (especially this gut-busting shit right here!).

     More to come, yo...