Thursday, February 17, 2011

FINALLY, New Lugz Cartoon is UP.

It's finally been put up on their site and can be viewed at this here link.  (Its the first video there.)  Enjoy the show and don't forget to comment.  More to come.

Nowhere and everywhere.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Status Update on Deadlines and Junk


     Welp, today is the definite, 100%, honest-to-god, we-mean-it-this-time deadline for the second Lugz cartoon, and I'll post the link once they put it up.  It still has way too much dialogue over-explaining things that would've been better cut out, but that didn't fall in my jurisdiction, I animated and contribute sight gags, personal style flourishes and a few changes here and there (mostly to the attendant character).  I wish to have a little more input to the story for the next one.  It's a cartoon, so I want there to be very little spoken dialogue because the main focus should be on the action, the animation, the character's expressions and body language.  The best things are said wordlessly.  That's always the most fun.  People connect with that better, and body language is universal.  Anyone can see it and everyone will get it.  With the dialogue over-eplaining things, it just feels slightly insulting to the intellect of the viewer, and it shoehorns an unnecessary side story onto the viewer when the simpler premise is more than enough.

     The cartoon is about gas pumping innuendo, so there's really no need to make the cartoon too long and deep.

Still a great project, still fun to watch.  Enjoy it when it's out.
     Now that that's completed, I'm back to working on a few of my own projects, as well as the ongoing music video project for Dreams from Gin.  That one's coming along very freaking sweet.  See?

This'll be you when you see the completed music video!
     I'm also getting set to start working with clothing/sports uniform company Stall & Dean on a project that's shaping up to be something truly insane, experimental, and mind-blowing.  Just imagine over a hundred years of sports history twisting and morphing on itself in 30 or so seconds, all connected into one!  I'm excited about this one, because I'm imagining experimenting with rotoscoping, layers of masks, and retro traditional animation all at once.  Hopefully I can organize this in a way where I can ask some of my animator friends to help out, too.

     I'm very pleased with how everything is coming along and will work steadfastly to progress my work until all my projects are done and ready to show.