Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lugz Project 2: -_-

     Hey, remember how yesterday was the day Lugz would be showing the new cartoon?  Remember how it's not gonna happen until February 4th because their servers are in absolute shit shape?  Now you'll remember.  But yeah, it won't be another week-and-a-few-days before the new cartoon is put up on the site.  No complaints here, though.  In the meantime, I'm working on the music video for Dreams from Gin and my own illustrations while my partner writes the next cartoon for Lugz.

     I'm so beyond sick and tired of the snow.  I wish the clouds had a face so I could punch it.

Scam that pigeon!

     More to come.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lugz Project 2: Update And Change Date

     Okay, so the new addition in the "Dick" series for Lugz will be on their site on Monday the 24th instead of this Thursday.  Apparently they're making room for the new stuff by rebooting their servers.  Did the last servers not do that good at the box office?  But that gives me more time to finish up the new piece.  I gotta say, as much as I hate doing tweened animations, the time restraints on this project helped me get even better at tweened animation, getting creative with loops and limited animation, and knowing how to make minimal movement look very convincing and appealing.

"What!? No cartoon thursday!?"
     Though I have to adhere to the storyboards and script, it's always nice to see how I can make my own style and emotional imput come through in the general vibe in some scenes, disturbing or otherwise.

"Oh well, no biggie.  It's just another week."
      I'm actually kinda happy with the way this one is turning out.  It definitely has a better flow than the last one, and it helped me practice with getting shit done quickly and efficiently (more or less).  Hopefully I can say the same for my still-in-the-works music video for Dreams From Gin's "Senseless".  I can't thank them enough for being very patient while I get this Lugz project done and out of the way.

     And I'll also have time to finish up a whole lot of other projects, like all my own animated shorts still in the works, and my illustrations!

Yes, of Eddy.
      Must remain focused until it's over.  Can't let anything, like the frickin' snow, slow me down.  Can't go crazy from it.

     More to come.

     UPDATE:  I take it back, the final product for Lugz isn't going to have a good flow.  Way too much unnecessary dialogue and exposition is going to stifle the hell out of it.  But that's what they ordered, so it's what they'll get.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lugz Project 2: Lugz Harder

     I'm fast at work on yet another addition to Lugz Laugh Lounge.  It's more or less a continuation of the last piece I did for them.

And it takes place at a gas station.  Hoo'ah.
     Should be done by the 20th,  I'm going with cycled/tweened animation for this one.  And it's going to be twice as long as the last one.  Mostly because of the dialogue.

Restrain your enthusiasm, sir!
Here's a sample of some of my progress.  Again, once it's done, it'll all make sense (more or less).

     More to come.....