Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Project: Music Video for "Senseless" by Dreams From Gin!

     Uh oh, gonna put all my current projects (save one) on hold while I get to work on my new project: a music video!  It's for an indie band from NY called Dreams from Gin and the song's called "Senseless".  I'm loving this song, a quirky romp about a betrayal of the senses that's going to have a frantic and maniacal video to go with it.

     I don't want to reveal too much right now, except that the video will center on an alien puppet man named Moat fighting his demons while running through a warped, dreamy landscape.

Concept sketches of the main character and his demons.

Was going to make this into a painting.  Also, thinking about mules made me mess up the band name on the flag.

     And here's a small sample of the animation as I get this shit started!  Back to production.

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