Friday, June 3, 2011

Fat Kid Update and Shenaniggaz

     1) Finished up the animation from the last update.  Animated the background to show damage from the fat kid's landing.  Still thinking I should add more to that scene, but I'll get back to that later.  Gotta move on to the rest of the cartoon.

     Gonna record more sounds for it tomorrow.

     2) Working on a new illustration, something colorful, creepy, and NSFW (hence the center being covered for now. )  There'll be tons of grey, my favorite color beside green, in this one.

     3) "The Golden Idol" cartoon is coming along, too.  Still at a steady pace, not as fast as the fat kid cartoon.

My hero!
     4) These are a few concept sketches and art pieces for a show I and my pal Demetrius thought of called "Shenaniggaz".  The whole thing got started from a lousy pun, and from that we came up with the idea for this cartoon.  It's about three black youths living in the rolling hills of Jonesborough, Ireland.  They gain mystical powers from aliens and turn into a gang of troublemaking leprechauns!

     Their powers get stronger with the more mischief they cause to the townspeople.  They do it all, from heaving toilet paper at charity parades to leaving land mines under front door welcome mats.  They're a tremendous nuisance to all and a constant thorn in the side of the town mayor, who's a huge control freak obsessed with security and control.

Catch those... those... Shenaniggaz!!!
     Like the Power Rangers, they turn into the Shenaniggaz when they unite their rings.  They can also summon the P.O.G pod for speedy getaways and general mayhem, and fly momentarily on rainbow beams.  The only one we named was the fat one.  His name is Reese Fallon.  The one with the jerry curl is just called Beirdshartd for now.

     One story we made has the mayor tax the townsfolk extra gold coins to create more security.  What they don't know is that the mayor uses their gold to literally create more security...

Tis gonna be a very good 'ear!

     ... In the form of The Golden Ear, a sentient cop with an iron (or gold?) cast focus on punishing all troublemakers.  Can he stop those Shenaniggaz!?

     I'm sorry, I know this idea is dumb.

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