Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Tattoo: Me A Zombie!

     I was commissioned me to make THIS badass tattoo of a zombie!

     He a zumbi an' he eat out ya brain!  Once the tattoo is actually made (and healed), I'll have that picture up.  I only did the line because another (dumb) tattoo dude told me shading fades over time.  Apparently everybody that ever got a tattoo begs to differ, but either way I kept this one simple and did just the lines.  Later I'll go back and do the colors, both in this drawing and in the tattoo.  It's also cheaper to tattoo lines for now.

     Had a blast with this as I love over-the-top violent artwork, like Cannibal Corpse album covers.  This was one previous tattoo I did that I'm not fond of:

     I did this for an emo girl that wanted this on her shoulder.  That's pretty ridiculous since she was thinner than a rail and there's no way in hell this would fit.  If you scaled it, the details would be lost.  Man oh man were there a lot, from the questionable (rats choking on the roots) to the cliched and obvious (moon, dead tree, skull, roses and a sword).  All of this was what she wanted, but it felt cluttered.  Near the end she wanted to randomly add a snake eating money and a heart at the base.

     I'm convinced she still didn't get it tattooed.

     More to come...

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