Sunday, April 1, 2012

"MoneyMaker" Progress and Jojo Art

     S'been a while, but here's the lowdown:  still working on the music video for "MoneyMaker", and it is good.  Finally finished animating the star of the video kicking some angels and landing on Earth, getting ready to stroll our streets and experience the high life.  Still have to do a lip synch before everything I have so far can be put together to form the first quarter of the video.

"Who gives a..."

     Sometimes it sucks doing everything on my own since it takes more time to complete, but it must be so and it can and will be done.  It's tremendously satisfying to step back from the work in progress and see how it all comes together, taking shape into this meticulously crafted, breathing life that became sentient through my very minuet fabrication.  Animating is my whole passion for life, and it fills me with such insurmountable pride to see my work and time take form and flourish.  Sorry for drifting off, but I still have a ways to go before completion.  I still have more amorphous faces to melt into one another, and more streams of jewelry to projectile vomit across famous world structures.

     Also gonna animate some quick cuts for the choruses.  That'll speed progress up a bit, and keep up with the song's upbeat tempo.

"So what?"
Can't touch this

     Aside from that, I also made two pieces of fan art for my favorite comic series: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.  What a bizarre adventure it is!

Devo the Cursed, Ebony Devil

     Season 3 (the most popular one in the west) saw Jojo and friends travel across Southern Asia to Egypt in a bid to save his mom and vanquish a long-time foe, fighting dozens of psychotic assassins along the way.  My favorite of the villains includes Devo.  This deranged hitman purposely lets his victims attack him first, thus allowing him to let his raw hatred fuel his powers, possess the doll, and murder at a later opportunity.  Because normal people don't know about Stands (the invisible guardians that grant these powers), everyone assumes Devo's victims die from a curse.  

Rubber Soul, Yellow Temperance
     Another cool villain is Rubber Soul, hired to kill Jojo in Singapore.  His invincible Stand Yellow Temperance eats flesh and grows bigger with every meal.  It can also assimilate other people's forms.  But like all other villains in the series, his downfall comes from his overconfidence in his abilities.

     Getting back to work on this here music vid.  More to come...

It's close...

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