Saturday, March 19, 2011

Guard Dog Global Jam Aftermath and Gift.

     So a while back I participated in Bill Plympton's neat project "The Guard Dog Global Jam", wherein 75  different animators from around the world animated individual scenes from his Oscar-nominated cartoon "Guard Dog".  It was a really interesting and unique experience, to watch so many different artists with radically different artistic approaches come together to deliver one single animation.  All the individual scenes just oozed with personality and character.  Each scene was so unique, jumping around from traditional hand drawn animation to stop motion animation, mosaic art in motion to claymation, flash animation to multi-layered masked goodness!  Everyone from all parts of the earth, from all different ages, united by our shared love for the artistic medium of animation!  And Bill Plympton.  The completed animation has been shown already at a ton of festivals, and though I can't find that video *ahem* anywhere, there is my completed part...

  ...and this animatic made of our still frames...

     And aside from the joy I got from being a part of this incredible experience, interacting and working alongside all the other animators, I got one final gift.  Bill Plympton sent us all a personal gift as thanks for our participation!

I love the doodle of the dog saying my address.  Awesome personal touch to the mail.
No, thank YOU, Bill!
     The gift, an autographed still frame from his original "Guard Dog" cartoon:

In all it's detailed, hand drawn goodness!  Yeehaw!
    Truly it's been an incredible experience to get together with other fans, contribute work for my idol, and get such a kick ass gift! 
     Aside from that and other matters,  I'm still continuing work on my animated project "The Golden Idol".  It's coming along pretty good, and I continue to work towards its completion.  

     More to come...

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