Friday, March 4, 2011

Ed Edd n Eddy "Scam that Pigeon!"

     Finally got to finishing another illustration of the Ed boys.  Ed Edd n Eddy was, and still is, one of my most favorite cartoons ever.  

      I loved everything about that show: the surreal humor, the wacky animation style, the timeless feel of it.  The show was a huge influence on me and my art style.  I liked using that squiggly "breathing line" trick in a lot of my cartoons, since it was a great way to give life and movement to characters standing still.  The look was simple and detailed at once, and the rubbery looks and how all the characters would stretch and move to extreme shapes was hilarious to watch.  Definitely one of the last good cartoon shows to still be around.  One that was more focused on being fun and bizarre, unlike all the other crap cartoons nowadays that are too obsessed with being realistic and completely missing the point of animation and its potential. 

Earlier illustration, after I played the crappy PS2 game. 
     That's one thing that bothers me a lot about animation nowadays.  Everyone is so fixated on cartoons being realistic and "believable".  I always say that if you want things to be realistic and lifelike, then don't waste an animator's time, get a camera and hire actors to get stuff done.  Don't animate what can be done in real life.  It's all about giving your imagination life and going beyond the physical limitations of real life.  And having fun.

     That's what Ed Edd n Eddy was all about.  Tomorrow I'll go into detail with the details in the new illustration.


  1. That show Adventure Time should be up your alley if you're into cartoons being wacky.

  2. This makes me lol I have three freinds at t at school like that when I look at them I lmao and there all like um WTF?