Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Current Project: Misshapen, Well Meaning Kid Fucks Up Prank.

   It's been a few weeks since I finally got to starting this piece, but I wanted to make a simple, funny cartoon that can serve as a showcase to as much absurdities and amazing animated flourishes as possible.  I want this cartoon to be both hilarious and fun to watch.

     It's about a kid named Eddie playing the ol' shaving cream prank on his sleeping grandpa downstairs.  He's too excited about the mischief he's going to cause to care about anything else.

     Hopefully, he doesn't screw up such a simple practical joke!  The joke is meant to serve as a template for me to do as many insane visual impossibilities as possible.  Kinda like stretching my legs after so many years of being in an art school that put so many restrictions on surrealism.  In a cartoon.

     That'll be discussed another time.

     How well does his shenanigans turn out?  Well, aside from a few small sentences near the beginning, there'll be no dialogue in this cartoon.  And a majority of it will be devoted to the old man's reaction at it. It's going to be a blast once it's done.  It's going to be a bit of a while, but I want it to be perfect.  Each and every frame will ooze character.

     I'll post some snippets of the finished portions of animation over here along the way.

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