Friday, August 27, 2010

"Inspire Me" - New Cartoon's Backgrounds

     These are two backgrounds from another in-progress animation called "Inspire Me" for now.  It's a twisted tale about a baseball superstar standing up against staggering odds make good on a promise he made to a terminally ill boy.
The scene of the heart-breaking pact between a boy and his hero.
     This takes place at the halfway point of the film.  I wanted to do this scene first, as it has the most (and only) dialogue between three characters.
Like rolling thunder chasing the wind!
     Hospitals always seem sad to me.  Like being in purgatory, or on a twilight.  And I went with the orange sunset color washing over the place as it's contradicting how a sad threshold on life can bathe in such a beautiful and cheerful color.  Sorry for sounding all poetic like.  Yeop.

More to come!

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