Monday, August 16, 2010

Sneakers from Philly.

     Custom sneakers done by me for a customer to the Ubiq shoe store in Philadelphia.  The event was a lot of fun to attend and (get paid to) participate in.  For a one day special event in the summer, I did custom designs and illustrations on people's Converse sneakers.  With just some markers and the VAST IMAGINATION of my clients.  How'd the event turn out?

     The second person I had wanted the above sneakers done with his little website logo.  He wanted the robot to loom over the city.  It was my idea to add the waves, graphics, and cool colors.  They're also my favorite colors (green and grey).

     I wish I had a picture of the DBZ sneakers I did.  Those were my favorite.  One customer wanted a sneaker with anything Dragonball Z related on it.  On one side, I did Picolo shooting his Special Beam Cannon, and on the other I did Goku starring down Vegeta.  It was an explosion of color and badassry that blew the mind the sneaker's owner.  Another also wanted something relating to Naruto drawn on it.  I did Sasuke since he's the only character from that that I could draw from memory.

My original idea.  I couldn't fit all of it on the sneaker. :(
The event ended on a slow note, when this one dopey girl asked me for sneakers with neon zebra/leopard markings on them and said it'd be a "challenge".  Lame.        

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